Things to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Event

There’s nothing quite like a party, wedding, reunion or other event when it’s held outdoors on a beautiful sunny day. Of course, there are things to consider when planning an outdoor event that differ quite dramatically from the planning that goes into an event held indoors.

What About the Weather?

Perfect one day, cold and miserable the next- the weather in Australia can be fickle! Needless to say, long range weather forecasting is still more art than science.

If possible, schedule your outdoor event at a time of year when the weather tends to be more stable, but more importantly always have a backup plan! A little rain doesn’t have to ruin everyone’s good time if there are some covered areas to go to until the weather improves. It’s always a good idea to have an indoor area to go to in the event of severe weather.

What Kind of Place is This?

If you have to rent an outdoor space for an event, find out the details of what’s required of you before, during and after the get together.Garden party decore

If you are required to make a deposit or pay the entire bill well in advance of your event, find out the ins and outs of how to get your money back if you have to cancel. Also find out what your liability is in case anyone gets hurt during your event.

Be sure and find out what other events are going on in the vicinity of the event property if you’re unfamiliar with the area. A nice afternoon celebrating your child’s 1st birthday can turn into a real drag if there’s a muscle car expo going on close to your event. It’s always best to have a contract that spells out your responsibility. If the contract seems overly complicated, consider having someone you trust look it over before you sign.

If your event is held in the afternoon, make sure there’s adequate shading from more than one large tree. It’s hard to have a good time when the hot sun is beating down on everyone’s head. If the event is held in the evening, make sure you have adequate lighting that’s as decorative as possible, and also consider some heating options if the temperature is expected to drop significantly.

Is Something Moving in the Dip?

If you’re planning on having a variety of foods on hand, you can safely assume insects will turn up as uninvited guests. It’s a good idea to keep food in containers with lids on them if you can, or at least ensure the food remains covered to reduce the chance of crunchy insect dip occurring. It’s also a good idea to place some bowls of sugar water in different areas near the food to keep bugs occupied and away from your food.

It’s best to keep the food as light and simple as possible because heavy meals tend to have a lethargic effect when it’s hot outside.

That’s Entertainment

If children are going to be part of the get together, be sure to plan some activities they can do or games they can play to keep them occupied. This may be as simple as taking a soccer ball, or something more extensive, such as hiring a jumping castle. Whatever you plan to do, ensure that children of all ages are catered for.

Planning for outdoor events does tend to be more complicated than planning for events held indoors but most of the time the added aggravation is worthwhile, when you get to enjoy your party or event in the great outdoors.