1st birthday party

Your baby’s 1st birthday party is a real milestone that needs to be celebrated with family members, relatives, and friends. To make it more fun and memorable, you should take time to plan it carefully. These simple tips are meant to guide you on how to make it a success without straining your pocket:

1. Choose a Venue

Your home is the best location to hold your baby’s 1st birthday party. However, if your apartment or house is too small to host your expected guests, consider other locations such as a child-themed restaurant, your neighbourhood community centre, or a church hall. A local park or a children’s play centre can also be a good choice.

2. Plan the Time

Due to the fact that 1 year olds often take morning and afternoon naps, it is advisable to schedule the party with nap time in mind. You can host the party during the time of day when your child is active. You should also make sure that the party is not a drawn out affair because at his or her age, your child might not be able to enjoy a party that lasts for more than an hour or two.

3. Send Invitations

After settling on a convenient location, you can start sending out the invitations. Since the baby is still too young, they may be fearful of strangers. So, it is a good idea to invite close friends and relatives to join the family in the celebration.

4. Choose a Theme

Although a party theme isn’t overly important to a 1 year old, it plays a major role in bringing a sense of harmony to the whole atmosphere. A pirate party, animal party, safari party, jungle party, character party, or train party theme can do the trick. You can also choose fun themes such as teddy bears, cartoon characters or Sesame Street.

5. Hire a Photographer

If you don’t have the time to spend behind the camera taking hundreds of pictures of the party, consider hiring someone to take the photos for you. Apart from hiring a professional photographer, you can also ask a friend or relative who’s good with cameras to do the job for you so that you are able to give your little one the much-needed attention during the entire party.

6. Plan the Menu

You don’t have to spend the whole day in the kitchen preparing food for your guests. Plan the menu and make it simple with iced tea, salads, cold meats and sandwiches for adults. For the little ones, serve things like French fries, pizza, cheese, and soft drinks. Also, remember to provide the kids with plenty of sweet treats (including freshly sliced fruit). If you are not a cake connoisseur, be sure to order a cake from your favourite local bakery. You could also consider hiring a mobile catering service to take care of the food for your party.

7. Entertainment

Little babies don’t need a lot of entertainment, so things like balloons and toys are enough to keep them occupied. If some of your guests are coming with older children, you can plan something special for them like hiring a magician, face painting, or a bouncy castle.

8. Hire Table and Chairs

If you are planning to hold the party outdoors to accommodate a large number of guests, you’ll need plenty of chairs and tables. This is to ensure that everyone is seated comfortably and served in the best way possible.