Party Planning

Planning a party requires organisation and proper implementation of various activities. If you are given the task of planning a party, you need to devise a solid checklist to refer to as the party nears. A party Party Suppliesplanning checklist can help keep things in order and alleviate potential on-site problems.

Party Planning – Budget

This is the first factor to consider when planning a party. A party budget determines how much should be spent for each aspect of the party banquet. Allocate a portion of the budget for the venue, food, performers, entertainment, speakers and décor. Make sure you nut out your budget before moving on to other aspects of the party.

Party Planning – Venue

Communication with relevant people is essential to ensure the party is set-up correctly and that all guests are well accommodated. Determine if guests will require valet services and if some guests have special needs such as handicap-accessible entrances and elevators.

Confirm the number of guests invited to the party and ensure that appropriate number of seats and tables are available for the guests. See the venue of the party to ensure it is set up accordingly. If the party will feature live entertainment, make sure the venue has enough space and a dance floor.

Party Planning – Food and Drinks

Make plans for the menu two or three weeks prior to the party event. Meet or converse with the caterer at least once a week to make final decisions on the menu and style of service. Plan the menu with your guests in mind making sure that the menu accommodates the needs of guests with special requests such as vegetarians and those with diet restrictions.

Before you begin offering food service, go over the menu with the caterer to ensure there is enough food for all invited guests. Communicate with bar staff and determine drink or tab limits as well as the type of alcohol to be served.

Party Planning – Programs, Activities and Speakers

Confirm with all event speakers the time, date and location of event a week before the event, a day before the event and at least an hour before scheduled arrival at the venue.

The stage and all equipment that will be used in the event including microphones and audio-visual equipment should be in place and tested at least a day prior to the party.

Also, ask each of the speakers if they require any special equipment/items for their speech. You may also like to ask them, depending on the kind of event you’re planning, if they would like to eat at the party or would prefer to have a meal prepared for them after the party.

Party Planning – Décor

Choose a unique and attractive location for the party. However, if you have the time, you can pick a totally empty space and decorate it from scratch. If you do not have the time, pick a location with inbuilt décor that will only need a touch up of a few accessories. If your budget allows it, you can pick an interior designer to work on the interiors of your party location.

Party Planning – Miscellaneous Details

Pay attention to details such as decorations, flowers, awards, gifts and even fireworks displays. These factors are often overlooked in a party planning process. List all miscellaneous details and confirm the schedule of delivery and arrival of staff with service providers. Print programs cards and thank-you cards at least a day before the event.