So you are planning for that large corporate event or your very own wedding day. You know that professional expertise and resources are indispensable, but you still need to contract the party hire company to handle all the details for your big occasion. The following list will take some of the pressure off this key decision and bring you a big step closer to your fun, successful and very memorable event.

1. Know Your Optionsparty hire

The sooner you select a party hire company the better, and yet it pays to do plenty of research beforehand. Contact your network, family and friends to take advantage of their recommendations and insights. Pour through reviews online for local companies. Compare prices but also consider quality of service. This is one professional relationship where interpersonal chemistry is a must. You want a reliable and trustworthy party hire company, so it pays to do your research.

2. Narrow Down and Deepen Your Search

Once you have a few major options in mind, take a closer look at the companies’ websites. Do they specialise in corporate functions, family events or weddings?

Browse their event photos, paying special attention to any reoccurring stylistic elements. Get an overall feel for the appeal and strengths of this company and compare with your vision and preferences. If the company’s portfolio of events is mostly intimate and minimalist, but you need dazzling and daring, you might find a company that offers more panache.

3. Make the First Move

First, get specific about your needs. It might help to make a detailed list of expectations, essential qualities and questions for the company. Call around and find out more. You have the opportunity at this point to feel out personalities and consider the prospect of working with these individuals throughout the planning process. Remember, you are not just outsourcing your project to a party hire company. Have a clear vision, communicate your needs and select the company you feel can best pull it off.

4. Consider Your Bottom Line

Within reason, it helps to have a good idea of what you are willing and able to spend. After you have made some initial calls, request a quote based on what you have discussed. Compare and contrast the price points as well as the services included at that cost. If your running favourite comes back with an over-the-budget quote, ask yourself if there is anything you might scale back to meet your financial constraints and work with the company you most prefer.

5. Contact References

At this point, you may be ready to make your decision. However, this last step can offer invaluable insight you would not otherwise receive. If the company is willing, ask to speak with past clients about their experiences. If you can speak with someone who has hired the company before, you can ask candidly about their service, problem-solving skills, ability to stick to the agreed-upon budget, etc.

If you are unable to speak to past clients, you may be able to find testimonials and reviews online, which may help you figure out if the company is a good fit for you and your needs.

From the moment you begin searching for a party hire company, keep notes about first impressions, facts and figures to reference as you go. Trust your intuition and ability to make the right decision. Once you do, the toughest part is over. You can then step back and let the experts take over, leaving you to relax and enjoy your party or event.