Outdoor gas heaters

Portable outdoor gas heaters, also known as patio heaters, are a popular way to make outdoor dining and events comfortable during the winter months. These heaters are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners but are more widely used by restaurants, outdoor entertainment venues and party hire specialists such as here at Maclean Party and Event Hire.  While very safe and well designed, patio heaters do need some degree of precaution when using them.

Safety tips

At Maclean Party and Event Hire, we have put together a list of safety tips to ensure you keep warm and snug without getting hurt.Patio Heater Hire

  • Keep clear from overhead coverings such as awnings, shade sails and other combustible materials which can by ignited by radiating heat or these materials that can touch the top of the heater. The manufacturer’s instructions will show the necessary clearances from combustible materials.
  • Only use in well ventilated outdoor areas and on stable, level ground.
  • Never store the heater inside a building and minimise the number of gas heaters stored on site.
  • Don’t use outdoor heaters indoors. That is the simple message for people who are thinking about using an outdoor gas heater indoors. People and pets can die from carbon monoxide poisoning which is possible if these heaters are used inside or in a confined area.  Only use heaters inside that are approved for indoor use.
  • Have someone use the heater who knows how to safely use the heaters and always ensure children are supervised by an adult around outdoor heaters.
  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance. Outdoor gas heaters do require safety checks and regular servicing (every two years). Gas cylinders and hose fittings must be checked for faults and damage regularly.
  • Watch for warning signs. Gas flames and radiant panels that burn yellow or produce soot are not working properly and require servicing. Only have servicing done by a qualified technician
  • If a gas leak is detected, turn it off at the cylinder if safe to do so and call emergency services if there is a significant threat.
  • Heaters must be Australian Gas Association certified (as shown by a badge attached to the heater). All gas heater supplied by Maclean Party and Event hire are Australian certified.

For all your party heating needs this winter, contact the Maclean Party and Event Hire team.