Winter party themeSpring and summer are generally the most popular season to host a backyard party or wedding due to the beautiful weather, so its easy to see why winter is often overlooked.  That doesn’t mean that those looking to host a party should hide away in front of the fire and wait until the warmer seasons arrive. Winter is an amazing time of the year especially in Australia and there are ways that you can still host the perfect party while keeping your guests warm and snug at the same time.


Marquees aren’t just limited to summer

We do agree that winter doesn’t conjure up images of marquees, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be used.  The right type of heater can make a marquee toasty and warm. You just need to make sure enough heating and that the heaters are evenly spaced which Maclean Party and Event Hire can assist you with. There’s nothing worse than some guests getting too hot up one end of the marquee and others freezing at the opposite end because the heaters haven’t been placed in the correct position.

The use of different flooring is also recommended.  Its preferable to use a hard floor instead of summer matting or no floor as it protects any waterlogged ground.


Theming your party

At Maclean Party and Event Hire, we think that winter parties are awesome.  But what can you do to get your guests in the festive mood?  Here are some hints and tips that might be helpful.

  1. Build a fire or fire pit

There is something fantastic about gathering around a sizzling hot fire on a cold winter’s night. Bonfires, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are the perfect way to keep your guests warm outside of the marquee or your home and provide a perfect focal point for the party. Choosing what type of bonfire you will have will depend largely if you are having children attend, and if you’re not too keen on the idea on having an open fire, fire pits or fire pit tables can be a great alternative. It will also give you and your guests another spot to rest their drinks. Be sure you have some marshmallows available for people to toast!

  1. Food and drinks to match

The right food and drinks is crucial for an outdoor party. If it’s cold outside, hot food is definitely ideal. A barbeque is the easier option for outdoor parties, but you can also try some winter warmers and toasty snacks.  Hot food like hamburger sliders are great to hand around the party, or mini hotdogs and pizza. Use a pizza stone to keep slices warm or keep appetisers warm over a small outdoor burner. You can offer your guests winter drinks that will set the mood such as mulled wine or liqueurs. If you are serving cold drinks like beers and soft drinks, set up a few ice buckets to keep the drinks super cold as they are an awesome contrast against the hot food.

Sweeten your guests with crepes, chocolate fountains and hot chocolate.  You can make delicious hot chocolate either alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending upon what you feel like.

  1. Colour themes

winter-party-decorationsWhy not create a winter wonderland theme using whites and silver? Dress up your tables in white linen, use white and silver plates, silver napkins and your centrepieces can be white flowers with white pebbles. You can add paper snowflakes and silver baubles for that extra special ceiling decorations.

You can also add a lolly bar with white lollies like mints and jellybeans and you can serve clear and white beverages such as lemonade, vodka or white russians.

Whatever the final theme you decide upon, make sure that your guests know in advance that it is going to be an outdoor party so they can dress appropriately (and so that they can fully enjoy your party). You may also wish to supply extra blankets to keep them warm.