Planning a birthday party for your child involves making sure there is plenty to eat, room to play, and lots of things to play with. One of the best ideas for amusing the guests is hiring a jumping castle for the occasion. As you consider different options for the rental, keep these 5 things in mind:

1. The Ages of the Kids Attending the PartyBrisbane jumbing castles

Jumping castles come in all sizes and types. Some are a better choice for children that are very young, while others are more suited for children that are nearing the age of 10 or a little older. When considering different rental units, ask about the recommended age range for each castle. That will make it all the easier to properly match the needs of the guests with the right one.

2. The Location of the Party

Always think about where the jumping castle will be set up for the event. If you plan on hosting the party in a backyard, think about where it can be set up so it is not under trees or placed on ground that is not level. One benefit of having the party at home is that you can have the jumping castle scheduled to arrive a few hours before the party and have everything set up without the need to get clearance from anyone else.

When the party will take place at some sort of rented venue, find out what the owners require in terms of setting up the party. You may find that the jumping castle can only be set up a short time before the party is due to begin, and there may only be a limited window of time to deflate and remove it afterward. If you know what restrictions are in place, it will be easier to plan accordingly.

3. Anticipate the Weather Conditions

While the hope is that the weather will be sunny and mild for the birthday party, always have a plan in mind if the day turns out to be a little dreary. Consider leasing some type of collapsible canopy that can keep the area around the castle dry.

If it does happen to be a sunny day, you need to consider the heat. Try to rent a castle that has a shade over it and is well ventilated, so the children are exposed to cool air and don’t overheat

4. Safety Measures for the Kids

Even if the children are a little older, it pays to set some rules that will help ensure the safety of the kids. Adults must be on hand to observe what is happening in the castle at all times. No food or drink should be allowed in the castle.

It also helps to implement a buddy system. This means that kids pair up and look out for one another while enjoying the castle. In the event a child should begin to experience an upset stomach, or get hurt, the buddy can help the child out of the castle and into the willing arms of one of the adults supervising the party.

When searching for the right jumping castle rental, be sure to ask about the quality of the jumping castles in terms of materials used. Also be sure that the jumping castle you hire is regularly maintained and kept clean.

5. The Cost

Planning a child’s party can get expensive quickly. For this reason, it pays to budget everything connected with the event. This includes the cost for the jumping castle. While you never want to compromise in terms of quality, look closely at what is and is not included in the rental rate. You may find that what seems to be a great price at first is not so impressive when you find that the charges for setup and taking down the castle are not bundled into that rate.

hiring a jumping castle for a child’s party is a wise move. Pay attention to the details, plan for any contingency, and everyone will have a great time.