Your 21st birthday party is a special one, since is signifies the point at which you legally become an adult. Planning a 21st birthday party is a rite of passage- this is a celebration that needs to be memorable. The way you plan the party will determine the memories it leaves behind. Here are tips that you can use to make sure this party means something to you and your guests.

1. Have a Flexible Budgeting Plan

You need to understand how much you can afford and allocate this to the party requirements. Come up with a list of the essential needs of the party in terms of their importance. The number of people you expect at the party will guide the size of the budget.

Since you are having the party at home, you don’t need to allocate cash for the venue. Food, entertainment, drinks and decorations will form a major part of the budget. When budgeting, include any cash your family has pledged towards the cause.

2. Consider Issues Regarding the Venue

Even though you are hosting the 21st birthday party at home, you need to prepare it for the task. You need to assess the available space depending on the invited guests. If you live in an apartment, talk to your neighbors about the noise level and get their permission. This helps avoid any run ins with the police.

If you have a outdoor area, it would be wise to use it for the party, as long as there is proper indoor-outdoor flow.

3. Get the Right Entertainment

Your birthday party will most likely be attended friends who are in a similar age bracket to you. This means that the music you choose should fit this age. Make sure you have a wide variety to cater for the diverse needs of this age group.

For the best experience, you could hire a local DJ or use a friend. If you can afford it, go for a live music band to spice up the party. If you can’t afford these, you can hire or borrow speakers and make a playlist on your iPod. This will save you some money. You can also hire lighting equipment to help create a party vibe.

4. Food and Drinks21st birthday

The food and drinks you have at the party will affect the way it goes. If you can afford it, a catering service is the best way to go. If this can’t work for you, you can use a family member (someone who can cook well). Buffet and finger-foods will work better for your party because they don’t require too much preparation time.

Since you have become an adult, you will most likely have alcohol at the party. However, make sure that the food is triple the amount of alcohol so that you have less tipsy guests as the night wears on. You should also consider the needs of guests who don’t drink. Make sure you have some non-alcoholic beverages for this group.

Finally, don’t forget about the birthday cake. You can order a cake from the local bakery, or make it yourself (depending on your budget).

5. After-party Clean Up and Party Proofing

Your home has valuables that need to be kept away from the party to avoid damages. Put these items away in a safe space prior to the party starting.

After a 21st birthday party clean up is not usually an easy task. Ensure that you have plenty of bins around the party and throughout the evening do a sweep of the area, throwing away any empty bottles, cans and rubbish. Also, try enlisting the help of some trusted friends to help with the final clean up.