Hire Equipment Prices

CHAIR HIREparty hire brisbane
Blue Plastic Stacker Party Chairs$1.50
White Plastic Stacker Party Chairs$1.80
Black Plastic Stacker Party Chairs$1.80
White Stacker Chairs for Weddings (Delivery Only)$2.00
Bar Stools$5.00
Kids Chair to 6 years$1.10

TABLE HIREparty hire brisbane
Rectangle Tables 1800mm x 760mm (Seats 6 - 8)$10.00
Rectangle Tables 2400mm x 760mm (Seats 8 - 10)$12.00
Round Tables 1800mm Diameter (Seats 8 – 10)$18.00
Round Tables 1200mm Diameter (Seats 6)$12.00
Round Tables 1500mm Diameter (Seats 8)$15.00
Dry Bars$20.00
Cake Table (Round)$10.00
Square Table (700mm x 700mm)$10.00
Kids Table (Seats 8-10)$10.00
MARQUEE HIREparty hire brisbane
12m x 8m White Peg and Pole*$897.00
8m x 4m White Popup*$350.00
6m x 3m Lt Blue Popup **$150.00
*Has walls available
**No walls available
SPIT ROAST / ROASTING OVEN HIRE party hire brisbane
Spit 25kg 1200mm long, Gas Rotisserie including 9kg Gas Bottle$120.00
COOLING / HEATING / COOKINGparty hire brisbane
Mobile Cool Room (Walk In - 6 shelf)$180.00
45Lt Ice Bucket on Stand$18.00
Single Bottle Ice Bucket $4.00
Stand to Suite Single Ice Bucket$4.00
4 Bay Bain Marie (Wet)$45.00
6 Bay Bain Marie (Wet)$75.00
4 Soup Pot Bain Marie$45.00
Chafing Dish$35.00
Food/Pie Warmer - 3 Shelf$50.00
Food/Pie Warmer - 5 Shelf$65.00
Gas Food/Pie Warmer - 11 Shelf$110.00
Single Basket Deep Fryer$50.00
Double Basket Deep Fryer$65.00
Barbeque - 4 Burner w/ 4.5kg Gas$50.00
Barbeque - 4 Burner w/ 9.0kg Gas$70.00
Twin Lens Spotlights on Stand 150W each$5.00
Twin Lens Halogen Spotlights on Stand 500W each$10.00
Single Lens 40W LED Spotlight on Stand$20.00
LED Disco Light (multicoloured - strobe effect)$30.00
Mirror Ball on Stand with spotlight$40.00
4 foot Fluro Black Light$10.00
LED Moon Light$70.00
Laser Light – Blue/Green/Cyan$70.00
Bubble Machine w/ 1lt Fluid$35.00
Bubble Fluid per litre extra$15.00
Smoke Machine Mini Fog w/ 1lt Fluid$40.00
Smoke Fluid per litre extra$15.00
OUTDOOR ITEMSparty hire brisbane
Patio Heater (tall) includes 9kg gas$90.00
Patio Heater (short) includes 9kg gas $85.00
Braziers (Great for Winter)$15.00
PORTABLE TOILETSparty hire brisbane
Portable Toilet$145.00
Portable Toilet on Trailer$145.00
TABLEWARE HIREparty hire brisbane
Bowl Soup/Dessert$0.30
Plate Bread and Butter$0.30
Dinner Plate$0.50
Cup and Saucer / Coffee Mugs$0.50
Gravy Boat and Stand$2.00
Salt and Pepper Shakers$1.50
Stainless Steel Serving Platter$5.00
3 Tier Cake Plate$10.00
Plastic Serving Platter$2.00
Plastic Rectangular Salad Bowl - Large$2.00
Plastic Rectangular Salad Bowl - Small$1.50
Knife (Bread & Butter/Dinner)$0.25
Knife - Steak$0.25
Fork (Dinner)$0.25
Spoon (Dessert/Soup)$0.25
Bread Basket$3.50
Breadroll Trays$2.00
Wine 140ml$0.40
Champagne Flute$0.40
Beer 200ml$0.30
Juice/Soft Drink$0.30
DRINK EQUIPMENTparty hire brisbane
Urn - Stainless Steel 30Lt$25.00
Urn - Stainless Steel 20Lt$20.00
Carafe 1Lt$3.00
Jugs - Glass 1Lt$3.00
Jugs – Juice 1140ml (Plastic)$1.50
Jugs – Beer 1140ml (Plastic)$1.50
Punch Bowl and Ladle (Plastic)$10.00
Slushee Machine w/ 1 x 4Lt Bottle of Syrup Inc.$185.00
Syrup Flavours (Standard Range) $35.00ea
Syrup Flavours (Cocktail Range) $35.00ea 
Lemon, Lime and Bitters Fruit Tingle
MargaritaPina Colada
Sex on the BeachCosmopolitan
Blue LagoonIllusion
CANDELABRA HIREparty hire brisbane
3 Tier Swirl 275mm$4.00
3 Tier 400mm$8.00
4 Holder Flat 90mm$3.00
4 Tier 200mm$5.00
5 Holder Floor 1500mm$15.00
Tall Pot Black Ceramic$P.O.A.
Candles Not Included
WEDDING ITEMSparty hire brisbane
Wedding Cake Table (Round)$10.00
Wishing Well (600mm tall) - Gold Trim$30.00
Wishing Well (600mm tall) - White$30.00
Table Skirting - Plastic$7.00
Stainless Steel Champagne Buckets w/ Stand$8.00
The Wedding Cannon (Old Gun) starting from...$100.00
Wedding Arch (2 Person) 1.5m internal with decoration$50.00
Red Carpet 1.2m x 7m long$50.00
Wedding Cakes from...$100.00
Shepherd Hook (White)$5.00
White Pedestal and Urn$35.00
LINEN HIREparty hire brisbane
Chair Cover - White$2.20
Chair Cover - Black$2.20
Satin Sash - Variety of Colours$1.10
Organza Sash - Variety of Colours$1.10
Chair Cover - (White or Black) - If we set them up, includes Sash$4.40
Table Cloth - White (for Rectangle Tables 1800mm)$12.00
Table Cloth - White (for Rectangle Tables 2400mm)$14.00
Table Cloth - White (for round tables 1800mm)$14.00
Table Cloth - White (for round tables 1200mm)$10.00
Table Runner - Variety of Colours$4.40
Serviettes - White$1.10
Lycra Dry Bar Cover - White$15.00
Lycra Dry Bar Cover - Black$15.00
CAKES MADE TO ORDERwedding hire brisbane
Birthday Cakes (Plain or Themed) from...
Wedding Cakes From$100.00
NB: Check out the Gallery of some cakes we've created
RUBBISH BIN HIREparty hire brisbane
Small Rubbish Bin (120lt)$7.00
Large Rubbish Bin (240lt)$10.00
NB: All bins need to be returned empty and washed out
NB: If we are required to empty the bins for you, a $66.00 charge will be applied per bin.
HELIUM TANK HIREparty hire brisbane
CL Helium Gas Cylinder - 50 Balloon$P.O.A.
D Helium Gas Cylinder - 100 Balloon$P.O.A.
E Helium Gas Cylinder - 300 Balloon$P.O.A.
CL Helium Kit – 50 Balloons (Plain), 50 Strings, 50 Clips, CL Helium Cylinder$P.O.A.
D Helium Kit – 100 Balloons (Plain), 100 Strings, 100 Clips, D Helium Cylinder$P.O.A.
E Helium Kit – 300 Balloons (Plain), 300 Strings, 300 Clips, E Helium Cylinder$P.O.A.
DANCE FLOOR HIREparty hire brisbane
Parquetry Dance Flooring per panel with edging (1mx1m)$15.00
NB: Can only be used indoors. Cannot go on grass areas
FIREWORKS DISPLAYSfireworks displays brisbane
4 - 5 minute Display from$1,797.00
5 - 6 minute Display from$2,497.00
6 - 7 minute Display from$4,197.00
Per Section w/ 1 set stairs (2.4m x 1.8m)$180.00
2nd set of stairs$30.00
Speakers & MicrophoneStage Stairs
Black Speaker w/corded Microphone$70.00
Ticket Barrel    
Perspex Ticket Barrel$40.00
*All prices are subject to change without notice.
*Prices are based on a 24 hour hire period only.