Make your party or event more fun!

Maclean Party and Event Hire have an awesome range of party extras including special effects machines, lighting equipment, helium tanks and balloons to make your party or event something extra special.


Bubble Machines

Bubble-machineBubble machines are a fun addition to any party or special event, such as a child’s birthday party or a wedding, adding a special effect that is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Just think of the amazing photos you can capture with those bubbles in the background.

Our bubble machines are very easy to use and come with 1 litre of bubble fluid which should last for approximately 2 hours of frequent use. Should you require extra bubble fluid, we can supply it to you at an extra cost.


Helium Tanks & Balloons

balloonsWho doesn’t love balloons? Helium balloons are a great way to decorate any event, creating a fun backdrop for your guests to enjoy. Our foil and latex balloons are high quality and come in a range of colours and shapes.

We provide a range of different sized helium tanks and a range of helium kits which includes balloons, strings, clips and the helium tank hire. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices, the quality of our products and our friendly service.


Lighting Equipment

Lighting is an effective way to transform any space, making your party or event something special. When done correctly, lighting can completely change the atmosphere of the room and inspire a range of moods to be felt.

We have a large range of lighting equipment for hire, including:

Disco-lights• Black lights
• Laser lights
• LED disco lights
• Spotlights and many more.


Some of our lights come with stands, but most of them can be rested on the floor, or a hard surface of your choosing, giving you more lighting options.


Smoke Machines

Smoke-machineSmoke machines give any location a mysterious and distinctive atmosphere. Regardless of the type of party or event you’re hosting, a smoke machine can be used to create a hazy backdrop, and when combined with lighting effects can offer spectacular imagery, highlighting all of the beams of light. Smoke machines are very popular at parties and are also a popular choice when it comes to theatrical events, such as a production or filming video scenes.

Our smoke machines are very easy to use and come with 1 litre of fluid which should last for a couple of hours, depending on how frequently the machine is used. IF you require extra smoke machine fluid, we can supply it to you at an extra cost.


How about fireworks at your next party or event?

You may want to consider a fireworks show at your next party or event. Our sister company, Aerial Pyro-Tech can provide a complete package to suit your style and budget. You can view their amazing work at their webpage.