Hire Outdoor Event Items

Hosting a party or event outdoors, though fun, can be a lot of work with many other factors that you must take into consideration (such as weather). How will you keep your guests warm? Where will you dispose of rubbish? What do you do about the toilet situation? Easy! Call Maclean Party and Event Hire – we’ve got you covered! We hire a range of outdoor event items that will ensure you and your guests are comfortable throughout your party or event.



BrazierShivering and being cold doesn’t make for a good party vibe. Stay warm and keep your guests comfortable by using a brazier. Braziers are an effective way to keep outdoor spaces warm, particularly during winter months. Once ignited a brazier, filled with heat beads or firewood, will radiate┬áheat up to 4 metres away.

Our braziers are easy to set up, use and are available for hire at competitive prices. Like all of our hire equipment, our braziers are checked and maintained to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.


Patio Heaters

Patio-heaterIf you don’t want to utilise a brazier to keep your outdoor space warm, patio heaters may be better suited to your party or event needs.

We offer two different types of patio heaters for hire – either a tall patio heater, or a short patio heater. Both patio heaters come with a 9kg gas bottle to ensure you and your guests stay warm throughout your event. As with our braziers, our patio heaters are regularly checked and maintained to ensure your safety and satisfaction.


Portable Toilets

Portable-toiletWhen planning outdoor events, it very important to consider where people will go to use a toilet. Hiring a portable toilet may be something to consider if the event location is not close to existing toilets, or if you are hosting a larger event where the location is not equipped to handle the demand for a bathroom.

Our portable toilets are available to hire either with, or without, a trailer. Both options are exactly the same price and the option you decide to go with will be determined by personal preference and, of course, availability. Our portable toilets are cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure customer satisfaction.


Rubbish Bins

Blue Wheelie BinHiring a rubbish bin (or bins) may be something you have not considered yet, or perhaps you have considered it and deemed it unnecessary. Either way, you should really consider hiring rubbish bins for the mere fact that it will make keeping the event location clean and clear of mess and potential safety hazards a lot easier, but also it will ensure less work for you once the event is over.

Our rubbish bins for hire are available in 2 different sizes- either a small rubbish bin (120 litres), or a large rubbish bin (240 litres). All bins hired out are required to be returned empty and washed out, otherwise a $66.00 charge will be applied per bin.

If you would like to discuss any outdoor items hire with us, or should you wish to discuss any other party hire needs, please contact us today on (07) 3802 1474.  To view our hire rates, please go to our price list page.