Are you thinking about having a party?  Well, I have put together a number of things that may be of assistance to you.  It is designed to help you plan and organise each step so that your event is brilliant.  And for some extra assistance, Maclean Party Hire Brisbane are experts in organising and arranging all your needs and we have it all under one roof. We have table and chair hire, marquee hire Brisbane and so much more.  First, let’s start on the list and see what we require.


  • First, the first thing we need to consider is location.   Where are you planning on having the party? If you have it as home, it will make things easier for yourself. If you are planning a hall or a park for example, you may need council approval. You will need to get in contact with the owners of the hall to book. There will be a charge generally, and even a security bond.

Date and Time

  • Now that you have the venue, what date are you considering and what time would you like it all to start? If it is a birthday, does this date coincide with the day it falls on?


  • The next most important thing is a budget. We recommend setting a budget. But if you feel you don’t need to worry about it, start shopping.

Themed or Plain

  •  Do you have an occasion in mind? What is the party for? A birthday, a get together, a Christmas breakup? If you are planning on a theme, work out what you are going to be wearing as the host. Since you know the theme, you can also work out what party decorations you would like to see to bring the theme to life. Do you need to hire any party hire equipment?

Now that the easy part is out of the way, the venue, date and time, your budget and you now have an idea of how it is to look, let’s get into the good part.

Invitation Time

  • Who do you want to come to your party? Write yourself a list of all your friends and family that you wish to invite. Is it just adults? Will children be coming? Do you have some interests to keep them entertained? Invite only those people you really want there. Who respect you and will celebrate with you. You may even want to get to know someone better; invite them.

Making or Purchasing Invitations

  • If you have the time, this in itself can be a really nice thing to do. Hand crafted, computer designed, from you. Your touch is put into the invitation. It can also save you some money. But if time is not on your side or you would prefer store bought invitations, this is the other option. Hand them out with a reasonable time frame.


  • Do you want to offer finger food prior to the main? Are these to be a warm savoury snack? Do you want nibbles as in nuts, chips and dips on the tables? Will the main be a Pig on the Spit or roast meats, or sausages, steak and rissoles? Whilst thinking of the food, don’t forget the drinks, and ice for them.

Music Time

  • What is a party without music? Do you just want to use a radio station on the night or some of your own CD’s? Would you like a Juke Box with lots of different music? These can even be set up depending on your theme ie. Country music theme.

Mood of the Party

  • What sort of mood do you want at the party? Lighting can play a big part here? Along with the decorations, the balloons and so forth, the lighting can help with the theme. If it were a glow in the dark, then you would want the lighting that provides this, or you may only want some lights in set places like for Halloween.

Clean Venue

  • Clean your home the week before and maintain it throughout the week that way you only need to give it a once over on the day. Ensure all your tables, glassware and utensils are clean and ready to go.

Notify Neighbours and the Police

  • It is always a good idea to notify your neighbours a few days prior to the party. Also, you would be wise to go to your local police station and fill out their paperwork regarding the party.


  • Have you finalised all your shopping? Do you still to get decorations and balloons? Have you purchased all the food you require?   Make up a detailed cooking list of the dishes you still have to prepare.

The Big Day

  • Setup the tables and chairs and any last decorations like balloons. But don’t do the balloons to early as they won’t last. Get your meal tables ready or the buffet. Ensure the ice is in the esky. Get those last dishes in the oven or have all the prep done for when it is time. Prepare the salads and nibbles. Give the house the last once over clean.

Displaying Appetizers

  • Just before your guests are due to arrive, display your appetizers and nibbles which won’t spoil. Keep them wrapped in gladwrap. This can be removed when the first guests arrive.


  • Greet your guests as they arrive and show them in. You have prepared everything so you are free to talk to your guests. Enjoy your party.