We have many people come through our doors looking for that something extra special.  We do our very best to provide you with that very thing.  We had a lady last week wanting balloons for her family, and you’re thinking, is that all?  She had good reason.  Her Nan had passed away and she did not want a funeral.  She didn’t want anyone to make a fuss over her.  For some, this is a bad idea because a funeral allows us to celebrate the life of someone whom we hold in our hearts, who is dear to us.  It allows us to mourn and say goodbye.  To others, they see it as mundane or perhaps even consider themselves not worthy.  But, with those balloons in hand, Kim and her husband and three boys chose to go on a picnic as a family and those eleven pastel balloons were the symbol of their Nanna’s and Great Nanna’s life!  As a family, those balloons allowed them to find peace within and have some closure, for a beautiful and dearly loved woman.  May she know just how much she will be missed by her family.

Maclean Party Hire will be closed until Friday 11th May 2018. We will have limited access to email however we will reply as soon as possible - info@macleanpartyhire.com.au. For any equipment required during the closed period, please contact Abbey Rents on (07) 3219 9200. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and look forward to working with you in the future. Cheers Gwen and David.