Catering Equipment Hire

Kitchen not equipped to cater for all your party guests? Is your event locked into a location with minimal or no cooking equipment? No problem! We hire out a wide range of catering equipment, making it possible for you to cool, heat and serve food to all your guests.


Barbeques are perfect for parties, outdoor events and the good old Aussie sausage sizzle. They can be used anywhere, are easy to set up and are easy to use. You can cook many things quickly and easily on a barbeque, and the food is delicious!

Our 4 burner barbeques are available to hire with 2 different sized gas bottles- either a 4.5kg gas bottle, or a 9kg gas bottle. Our barbeques are of top quality, maintained and cleaned to ensure customer satisfaction and our prices are competitive.

Food Warmers

Also recognised as pie warmers, food warmers allow you to maintain the heat in food, making it not only delicious to eat, but also equipment hire

Our food warmers are available in 2 different sizes- either a 3 shelf, or a 5 shelf unit is available for hire. Our food warmers are not only easy to set up and use, they are also maintained and cleaned to the highest standard and are available for hire at competitive prices.

Fridges/Mobile Cool Room

Fridges are a great addition to any party event, allowing you to keep food and drinks cold until it’s time for them to be served. They are a useful item to hire if you don’t have space in your own fridge, and you don’t want to use eskies to keep your guests drinks cool room hire

Our mobile cool room is the latest addition to our party hire family. Sporting a walk-in style layout, it stands at about 2.4m above the ground and offers 6 shelves. A great accompaniment to any party or event.

Other Equipment

We offer a wide range of other equipment which may be useful when catering your party or event. If you would like to discuss any catering equipment you may require, or any other party hire needs, please contact us today and chat to one of our friendly staff.