Brisbane Jumping Castles

Are you planning a party, school fete, community festival, corporate fun day or another special event? One of the biggest considerations you need to make when planning these types of events is how you are going to keep your guests entertained for hours on end. The solution? Amusement hire, such as a jumping castle or sumo suits. We have a 3 different types of jumping castles on offer: the Fun House jumping castle, the Athlete’s jumping castle and the Scooby Doo Jumping Castle. Each jumping castle is guaranteed to offer hours upon hours of fun. Click here to find out more about our range of Brisbane Jumping Castles. If you want more than a Brisbane Jumping Castles, or it doesn’t tickle your fancy, we have lots of other fun items on offer. Our Kids Sticky Wall is always a favourite and offers hours of laughs as kids jump, flip, spin and stick to the wall in whatever crazy position they end up in while wearing the striped Velcro suit. Whether they’re sticking to wall or watching all the fun, the Sticky wall is always a hit! Need something to cater to the big kids of your guest list? We’ve got that covered too with our Adults Pedestal Joust and Sumo Suits for hire. Sporting a padded head protector and armed with a padded jousting stick, your guests will be ready to duel it out with a jousting competition, where the last man or woman standing, wins. Endless laughs are ensured for competitors and spectators alike with our Sumo Suits. Watch your guests transform into sumo wrestlers as they put on the suits, gloves and headgear. Laugh as they go head to head to wrestle it out, Japanese style, with the last one remaining in the circle crowned as the winner! Our hire rates are as follows:

Brisbane Jumping Castle HireBrisbane jumbing castles

  • Jumping Castle: 3 hours – $230*
  • Jumping Castle: 4 hours – $260*
  • Jumping Castle: 4 hours (Adults) – $440 (supervised only)

Party Amusement Hire

  • Pedestal Joust: 3 hours – $380 Adults (supervised)
  • Sumo Suits: $330 for 3 hours Adults (supervised)
  • Sticky Wall: $330 for 3 hours (supervised)
  • Sticky wall is for kids 13 years of age and under
  • *Min. 3 hour hire. Max. 7 hour hire upon request.

While our hire rates are competitive, we also offer package deals. You can choose a combination of our rides and enjoy great savings! Package Example: 3 hours – $990 – Sumo, Pedestal Joust & Jumping Castle * Prices are for drop off castles. Supervision is available at additional costs. All adult parties are to be supervised. Delivery fee will apply outside 20km of North Maclean. Cancellation fees may apply. If you would like to hire some of our amusement rides, or discuss any of your event needs with one of our friendly and experienced staff members, please feel free to contact us now.