Bain Marie Hire

When planning an event, there are many things you must consider. One of the big things to consider is the type of food you will serve- how will you prepare it? How will you keep it fresh? How will you ensure it’s served at the right temperature and safe to eat?

After all, the last thing you want to do is give your guests a lovely dose of food poisoning all because you didn’t serve,

Bain Marie 6 Tray

and keep, your party food at the right temperature. That’s where the use of a Bain Marie comes in handy!

The sole purpose of a Bain Marie is to keep cooked foods warm and at safe serving temperatures, however if you’re a bit of whizz in the kitchen, you can also use them to cook delicate dishes, such as custard or hollandaise sauce.

We offer two different sized Bain Maries- a 4 bay Bain Marie and a 6 bay Bain Marie. Both are stainless steel and come complete with lids, to ensure that you keep the heat where you want it- in the food! Each Bain Marie has an adjustable heat control to give you more versatility with the types of dishes you can serve. The 4 bay Bain Marie costs $45 to hire, while the 6 bay Bain Marie costs $75. These prices rate very well compared to many other catering equipment hire companies.

Though our prices are lower than most, you can be guaranteed that our Bain maries are of the best quality and are safe and reliable to use. Our Bain Maries are cleaned and maintained to a standard that ensures you receive only the best quality equipment from us.

If you would like to enquire about our Bain Marie hire, or discuss any other hire equipment or event planning needs, our friendly staff would be more than happy to have a chat with you on (07) 3802 1474.